Black Feminist Thought

“Beginning in adolescence, I was increasingly the “first,” or “one of the few,” or the “only” African-American and/or woman and/or working-class person in my schools, communities, and work settings. I saw nothing wrong with being who I was, but apparently many others did. My world grew larger, but I felt I was growing smaller. I tried to disappear into myself in order to deflect the painful, daily assaults designed to teach me that being an African-American, working- class woman made me lesser than those who were not. And as I felt smaller, I became quieter and eventually was virtually silenced.”

“Oppression describes any unjust situation where, systematically and over a long period of time, one group denies another group access to the resources of society.”

“the supposedly seamless web of economy, polity, and ideol- ogy function as a highly effective system of social control designed to keep African-American women in an assigned, subordinate place.”



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