Edinburgh Fringe Review | 2016 Hot Brown Honey

Edinburgh Fringe Review | 2016 Hot Brown Honey http://www.thenewcurrent.co.uk/review–hot-brown-honey

“unflinching, bold, and unapologetically proud”

“the show is reminiscent of those Black activists voice from the American 60s”

“no longer tied to the shackles of patriarchy or this notion that women of colour as the ‘exotic’ other”

“never asks for permission”

“The lyrics of the song would have a resounding effect to anybody of colour who has had to suffer the indignity of a stranger touching your hair. There is a sickening privilege that some still believe they have over people of colour and that ‘our’ hair is fair game for random hands to come and fondle.” – consider the idea of white privilege

“they hit upon a global epidemic that black and people of colour are facing with the issue getting much worse than better.”

“Negative racial stereotypes rage from a supposed innocent ‘doll’ to people wanting touch your hair to other much more subtle but all the more painful questions like ‘no but where are you REALLY from?’.”

“a company of performers who have embraced their identity, taken control over their stories, their bodies and their history” – link control of bodies to the idea of feminism and how society feels they have ‘ownership’ of women’s bodies and actions and what they choose to do with their bodies needs permission first

  • This article touches on perspective of performance from a “man of colour” and this shows how aware people are of the issues, yet are still surprised and taken aback when people voice these issues out loud – giving themselves their own platform
  • Refreshing for not only women, but women of colour to speak freely with no apology and no means of being shut down – the audience are forced to listen and take in the truth of what life is like for many of women – understands that many people may be unaware of the offenses, therefore repeats the notions many times in order for the audience to fully click

Oppression of females, oppression of women of colour, oppression of their opinions and voices – dismissal and ignorance of issues

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