The idea of feminism has only just come to light as being a legitimate movement. Before this long-awaited modernist revelation, there was a wide-spread stigma around what a feminist stands for and the stereotype that is tied to her/him. Despite the movement taking many forms, from the history of the Suffragettes to today’s online platforms, there is still a lot of work to be done in regards to gaining an understanding within society about why feminism is so important.

Whenever I talk about equality, I know there will be at least one person around me sighing deeply or rolling their eyes – some less subtle than others. I never personally blame them for their ignorance though. Secondhand influence plays a massive part in people’s opinions and values. A parent’s ‘wise words’, for example, are the biggest influence for some people, therefore many members of society keep their eyes facing forward and don’t bother to look at the world around them. However, these same people forget that one of their parents is in fact a woman, and every step closer to equality is a better life for her.

It disgusts me that women continue to not help themselves, and instead oppress their opportunities and peers. Suffragettes did not fight with their freedom to gain a voice, just for today’s females to be afraid to express themselves in fear of the men surrounding her making her feel inferior or not giving her the acceptance and approval she feels she needs.


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