Major Project

Home decor research

Speaking to a few different people – 90s/00s decor

Magazines and ‘trends’ – people trying to keep up with trends

Consider 2006-2008 – TV shows/celebrity decor, how this would effect people trying to keep up with the trends

90s – people will not decorate their house each year – consider a mix of 90s-00s trends

Major Project

Minor Project feedback:

Tuesday 9th January 2018


  • picking out elements of my work that are important and make them clearer when presenting
  • structure of my presentation – making sure everything is in an order which is easier to comprehend
  • changing elements of presentation – e.g. primary research being presented in a bound book? (emphasising important elements)


The text

  • Deeper analysis of the other characters in the play – the residents and their reasons for what they say and do, how they decorate their houses and present themselves
  • sub-text/reading between the lines – looking at the characters language and their motivation to say the things they do in relation to situations (different response in public rather than in private?)
  • DEEPER ANALYSIS – reasons why the characters make their decisions/why they present themselves that way


Investigate first-hand experiences and stories of prostitutes – a support charity/a prostitute? Contacting different people to get answers

Investigate the article on the mother than condemned the BBC Documentary about the events of London Road

Need to be more rigorous of my perception of class – more discriminating, digging up more truths

Multilayered presentation – how the residents present their homes & how I present my concept

The girls – unearth their identity after hours

Narrative for everything I do – reinvestigation – caption everything I do

Identity of the characters – do they have an identity or do they represent anyone in their position? Anyone = the stereotype of their characters?

Truth of the piece – needs much deeper investigation into the text

Consider niave work/drawings – figurative work & pictures
Research Clapham Junction – living in the window of  department store
Research Kein Holtz – constructs
Research Taschen – a thousand/hundred families (book)
Contact Ipswich Library – newspapers from 2006-2008, see what they say about the incidents

More tongue & cheek in my work

WHY? – ask more questions – culturally/economically

Who are these people I’m presenting? I have the freedom to present this in a far more documentary way? – More permanent sets, can be very detailed